Statement CV

photo by Ariel Zaldua.

In the realm of my artistic exploration, I delve into the multifaceted dimensions of existence, addiction, emotional turmoil, social discord, and the intricacies of politics. Through my art, I embark on a journey of dissecting these complex concepts, unraveling layers of meaning that lie beneath the surface of our daily lives. My creative process is an alchemical fusion of satire and ironic gestures, employing these tools to breathe new life into commonplace objects that populate our quotidian experience and visual lexicon.

These objects, transformed and modified through the lens of my artistic vision, serve as conduits for expressing emotions, encapsulating concepts, and articulating political statements. In the process, my work dances on the precipice of paradox, employing humor and satire to navigate the terrain of appearance. What may initially seem familiar takes a delightful detour into the realms of absurdity and comedy, inviting viewers to question the established narratives surrounding these objects and their inherent meanings.

Beyond a mere intention to decorate, my art serves as a provocateur, challenging the very foundations of perception that viewers hold dear. Each piece functions as a portal, inviting observers to reconsider their understanding of familiar experiences or views through the lens of a paradoxical and humorous perspective. As the boundaries between reality and satire blur, my aim is to catalyze a shift in the viewer’s consciousness, provoking contemplation and encouraging a fresh engagement with the world that surrounds us. Through this transformative process, my art becomes a mirror reflecting not only the external realities it critiques but also the internal landscapes of introspection and questioning.